Rental Options

Front of Community Hall
Upper Floor

Upper Floor, Floor Space

Plato Community Hall (located at 120 1st Ave NE)

It has tables and chairs for 400 people. The building is 2 levels and includes a dance floor and bar; there is air conditioning. See the City Office for additional information.

• Upstairs - $450.00 Lower Level - $175.00 Both - $575.00


Gazebo (located within the City Park)

all sides open, refrigerator, grill/griddle, sink, and electricity

Rental - $45.00


Shelter (located within the City Park)

tables/chairs inside, picnic tables outside, easy access from street, bathroom, kitchen sink, refrigerator, heat, electricity, and 4 single garage doors for outside access
Rental - $75.00

If you have any questions regarding any of the rentals, feel free to contact the city office (320) 238-2432.